I recently returned to the Northwest city of donuts, micro-brews, and bustling comic community. Yup, that city where two rivers meet, Portland. It was a bizarre experience being an interloper in place that was my eight year home just a few months ago. Luckily, with any return, there are the familiar friends and compatriots that make the journey all so worth while. Even tugged at the heartstrings with nostalgia for a life that was once so routine, but now feels light years away….

Rose City Comic Con was, as usual, an overall pleasure. The networking, the meeting of fellow “Monster Kids,” and storytelling enthusiasts is like a live hot jack of electric juice straight to the bolts of my tired creative monster. You see what others are doing, making, building and it becomes contagious… a spontaneous urge to create those projects that have remained idle for far too long. Heck, I even got to talk about it a bit with the crew over at SGPD (they always keep it loud and R rated).


So yeah, it was good.

A little update on the works. Currently wrapping up the TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 stint this week. Which will then drop on November 1st and then weekly for the remainder of the month.

Genre based bad guys.

Star Trucker #2 is currently in the midst of it’s kickstarter campaign. It’s plateaued a bit, so if you’re truly interested in seeing it successful, now’s the time to support.   

With all the current gigs and responsibilities “The Backwoods” had to slow way down unfortunately, but production is still progressing even if it’s at a minute pace. For the loyal Backwoods lifers here is a bit of a preview for page 69…. (Spoiler, Hitler’s brain doesn’t fair to well against a 900 lbs wood ape.)



I’ve got more projects on the boards, some secret, some secret even to me, and some not so secret (dinosaurs….). If you happen to be in the last frontier a.k.a. Alaska, I’ll be a special guest at the Senshi Con Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st. Even conducting a panel about working as a storyteller. Just stop on by, it’ll be fun and probably a little weird.

Gnar the two rivers Pig