The Domestics

I was supposed to have posted this yesterday, but I ended up watching “Far North” last night with the missus and totally spaced. If you haven’t seen “Far North” it’s free on Hulu and is quite the mind fuck, excuse my French, and Michelle Yeoh is always on point. I love that woman.
Anyway, I’ve been trying to wrap up this really great domestic love story that I was lucky enough to score with “A Wave Blue World’s” writer and Presidente’, Tyler Chin-Tanner. The pages are very mood heavy and driven by a subtle dialog between a group of friends who (as happens in real life) are all at different points in their lives, but are haunted by the similar demons of their shared past. So you get these personality clashes amongst the characters as they interact with one another that really steer the story along through these twists and turns, with personal highs and lows. It’s been a great privilege and at most times challenging to try and capture the appropriate energies of the characters, while acting them out on the page. Hopefully, I’m hitting the nail on the head. The story is called “Thaw” and all 26 pages are written by Tyler Chin-Tanner, with art, colors, and probably lettering by this guy (who is in desperate need of a haircut). I can’t tell you when it will be released, because I don’t know yet, but when a date is set you can be sure that it will be posted here.
So for your viewing pleasure:






Thaw.finished_05 (revised)


I’m trying to think if I should include anything else in this post…. Meh, we’ll save that stuff for another day. I gotta’ keep you coming back for something. Oh yeah! I am working on a new header for the site to replace the tired old outdated walrus punch, so keep on the look out! What? You want a taste, a tidbit, a hint if you will. Well… I suppose that I can give you a little something to keep that imagination burning like the old potato forgotten amongst the smoldering coals of your campfire. Let’s just say hallucinogenic mushroom-high BERSERKER rage and hedgehogs. Lots of hedgehogs.

As usual, gnar pig, ladies and gents.