Welcome to the Jungle, Jimmy!

Well howdy do, y’all. It’s Tuesday, its hot out, I’m growing a mustache/shitty beard that my wife hates, and I just purchased this gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex toy (Figurine! I’m a man, damnit’! And a man doesn’t play with toys,… he plays with figurines.) because, gun to my head, I needed it in my life. I’ve been a bit busy with the biz-nasty as of late (pronounced “business” among circles of higher etiquette), drawing and writing my little buns away on an undisclosed and not so secret project with the fine folks over at Oni Press. They do make some delicious looking books, “spare no expense!” Any-who, getting to my long winded point, I fell off the wagon there… or I should say: here… on the old blog. I should really refer to it as a bog because that’s what it feels like. A rambling crotchety old man (me) sitting way out in his shack (10’X10′ studio), way out in the obscurities of the swamps (the internets) brewing up batches of throat curdling white lightning (comics) to pedal on the rare occasions he ventures into town (Portland). I’m getting off topic.

Tomorrow people! Tomorrow is the release date of issue number 4 (4 of 4), the concluding issue, of Dynamite’s mini series Jungle Jim. Written by the ever so talented Paul Tobin, with layouts by award winning artist Sandy Jarrell, colors by Luigi Anderson, and pencils and inks by me. Now don’t be fooled by the inside cover credits, which so far most people have been. I am the guy who did the pencils and the inks for this issue. It was a super tight deadline of two weeks from start to finish on my part. So go to your local comic shop and demand this issue, then you can hold in your hands an artifact that almost killed me from sleep deprivation. In all seriousness everyone, Paul, Sandy, Luigi, and myself really put in the elbow grease on this one, so please go and check it out. You don’t have to buy it unless you want to, but at least hold it in your hands. Feel the powers quake through your fingers and down into your spinal column. The tiny hairs on the nape of your neck stand on edge from the sudden, but welcomed, frigid shock. That’s when you’ll know that you are holding in your hands Jungle Jim #4. Then you can put it back on the shelf and go home or purchase it, both will be much appreciated. So here is a bit of a preview… brace yourself… you will not be the same after… or will you…? That is only… for you… to… decide.

JJ#4.inks_02 JJ#4.inks_06
Tobin wrote in this great bad guy that I was fortunately given the task to design from scratch and since this storyline exists on a planet where parahumans (human-animal hybrids) are common place I figured this was a great opportunity to utilize commonality and make this tiger-guy. I like to imagine that he wouldn’t even need weapons. He’d just hunt you down and disembowel you because, well, he’s a tiger-man. I mean, who’s gonna stop a tiger, right?
JJ#4.inks_10 JJ#4.inks_15
Well there ya’ go, hopefully this little preview will sway you to seek out this labor of fun. It hits the shelves tomorrow, that’s Wednesday the 17th of June.
More posts are coming soon. I’ll be putting up a preview for an up and coming story that I did for the “Love and Lost” collection, called “Thaw.” Which will be coming out… actually I have no idea when it’s coming out, but probably late 2015 or early 2016 if I had to guess. Anyway, you’ll get a preview soon. Also coming up is a commissions post. As well as many more progression post on the current gamble of projects that I happen to be lucky enough to be apart of. If by some miracle I’m actually able to do some sketching or just fun exercises or composition experiments I’ll put those up, but I don’t know how to make the time for that. I always wonder how these guys/gals do it, always posting awesome sketches and illustrations on top of their already “life consuming” workloads. Animals… always impressed by the art animals rippin’ it up out there.
I’m tapped. Go checkout Jungle Jim #4, hell, collect them all 1-4, its good stuff. If you are on the twitter let me know what you think, or email, or facebook, or old fashioned mail, or telegram, or knock on my door and tell me your thoughts to my face.

Gnar pig ladies and gents, gnar the damn pig.