Shadowing the Gibson and savoring the flavor

I’ve been recently working on a gig where, in a sense, I’m trying to mimic the stylings of master illustrator Charles Dana Gibson (if you aren’t familiar with this dude’s work, acquaint yourself). When trying to emulate¬†anyone who is at the pinnacle of their industry you fall short, especially in your first attempts. Fall flat on your face and break your nose short, which I have done and am currently doing gracefully. It’s not that my attempts are necessarily bad, the study and practice have actually been very refreshing, it’s just when I compare them to the workings of one of the most successful american illustrators in the last 120 years, my skills of mimicry fall a bit short. I haven’t reached the ability to execute excellence (I’m not the Hitman… pink and black forever), but I’m momentarily happy with the results.

post nib warm up... I got sloppy with the wash

post nib warm up… I got sloppy with the wash

IPA.inks Grapfruit Radler.inks

Flavor of the Month is slowly coming together. The posts look like they’ll be…posted… every Thursday. I’m hoping as my schedule slows down over the next week or so I’ll be able to start doing bonus posts over the weekends and Tuesdays. If you missed last Thursday’s post, here it is. But hey if you want to in the later future, you don’t have to, go get comfortable, go and savor this months flavor. Turn down the lights, slow things down, and treat yourself… with just a taste. You never know you, might like it.FODM.Cammy_02

Next months flavor is BOTS and BORGS!

“Stone cold man… gotta come in like Charles fuckin’ Bronson. Don’t stop until the screamin’ starts.”

Until next time kids,

Gnar Pig