Ancient Song of the Cat Peoples

Saturday… morning… the dawn is nonexistent. That’s how early the cat decides to sit outside the window howling the repetitious song of her ancient peoples, cat peoples that is. The neighbors all hate her. I’ve been awake for exactly 2 hours and forty three minutes. The cat has an internal clock that operates with a military precision that would have ol’ Ike impressed. Well, I like to think so anyway.
Big changes in the mediocrity of day to day life. I moved 12 apartments over, which to say is a massive improvement from the stacked box design of the former domicile. Always hated living there. That uncomfortable feeling you have when you walk into a room that where for some inexplicable reason you know something morose happened. That is what we lived in for five years. I think the house is some kind of dimensional sinkhole. That slowly fills with bad energy, like runoff from the rains of misfortune. So, if I was to say I like the new digs better, it would be a fairly accurate assessment.
Oh gee wiz, if you’re reading this you’re probably wondering, “that’s great Tadd, but this is an art blog, so unless this is some kind of existential artists statement, lets see the goods man.” Okay, okay, let me see…. Been working on a number of things, not enough things in my opinion. I’m either to slow or there just aren’t enough hours in the day and lately the noggin’ has been begging to catch up on sleep from the last 20 years of deprivation. If you and I happen to be casual acquaintances you may know that I have a horrible tendency to redline my sleep patterns to the point of non-existent. I’ve had this problem since about the age of 10. Sleepy time always just seemed like wasted time. Accept now I’m old (at least by my much younger sister’s assessment) and the years of neglect have come to wreck me like a Chukchi Sea storm, bad damn time….(pause)…. Off track again. Back on track.

Here are my three fave’ pages from Thaw, story from the Love and Lost collection written by Tyler Chin-Tanner of Broken Frontier/A Wave Blue World. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to preview of this, so this will be the last time I post any work from this project, at least until after its release in the coming months. Again, art by me and written by Mr. Chin-Tanner.

Thaw.finished_10 (rgb)

Thaw.finished_17 Thaw.finished_20

So many emotions; roller-coasting. Am I right? Tyler really makes you ponder with this one. “Is Sean in right, what should he do? What’s that girl’s deal? Why is Duncan doing this, he’s got so much going for him?” The messy bidness’ of love mixed with some PTSD. This story even gets the thumbs up from my wife (Just got her masters in Phycology… super proud… way out of my league… mentally and physically… I totally cheated the system some how…. ) . So now you have to buy it don’t you. Well, when its available you can be sure to hear about right here!

Let me see what else. Oh I’ve thrown up a few pages on the ol’ twitter machine, so I can show it here.

Ask you’re self, do you like science fiction? “Why, why yes I do.” Have you always found you’re self attracted to a man who’s associated with long-haul- trucking? “Commonly entertain myself with a fantasy or two… why do you ask?” Then I have a comic for you. It even got verbally praised by a real honest to god Trucker, spare no expense!

StarTrucker.inks_01 StarTrucker.inks_02-03 StarTrucker.inks_05

Look, there’s a space dog! If I had my way all comics would have some kind of animal co-star (so happy to hear Devil Dinosaur is making a comeback, god I would love to do a fill in issue; Marvel I’m a cheap hire… call me.) I would show you more, but not until I know what I’m allowed to show. First issue is almost in the can and then we’ll see from there. If you happen to be at Rose City Comic Con, this September, the writer Mr. Jackson Rahl and myself will be selling some advanced copies of issue number one. So come find me and I’ll make your fantasies come true. I just read that last part out loud while I was typing it, sounded pretty gross.

Spiderman Sasquatch commission for my old Canadian wrestling pal who’s sweating it out down in Texas:

Spiderman & Squatch

Well that should suffice. I’ve got a bunch of buns in the oven, so get ready. Cause they’re coming out, oh, so hot. My wife is returning to her native lands of Alaska for the next two weeks. And because I’m diligent and dedicated to my publisher and clients (lavish me with wealth because you love me for staying true to the cause.) am foregoing the yearly dream-cation; dream-cation: a vacation of your dreams; to stay home and work the sulfur pit that is my home studio. Yes, it is sad and I am riddled with mixed emotions, but I won’t have to worry about being raped by grizzlies and by rape I mean being eaten. Which can happen, bears are the bastard pigs of the north. Never forget that. So I hope to utilize my temporary solitaire lifestyle to accomplish a fantastic array of goals. Prepare for the upcoming craziness that is Rose City with putting together books, to sell (what!?). Pickup a futon or couch for the studio (Fancy!). Wrap up a some pitches (you jest?). Discover that I’m beautiful on the inside, not just outside (growing, good). Wrap up other work and start other work (personal investment). Work on the passion that is the dinosaurian project that fulfills my mornings (evolving, good). Hopefully become financially wealthy, providing a secured lifestyle for the remainder of my life cycle (goals are healthy). Start a mediocre podcast (voice of an angel). And lastly, continually update and post on this blog (fire and passion are a dangerous mix). From 10 o’ clock this evening this is what I’ll do for next two weeks. Like my ancient forefather, dog by his side, wondering the peaks and valleys. Becoming more accustomed with the languages of the weather and the wilds I will shed the bonds of this domestic lifestyle of society and revert to a primal form. When life was simple and man was just as much prey as was the creatures that he hunted…. It’s gonna’ be a rough couple o’ weeks.

I’m out of feed.

Gnar Pig