Halloween…in “The Backwoods”

Due to the random badgering over the last two years, I’m finally giving those hardcore backwoods men and women what they deserve.Backwoods2.0.-promo

Thank you to all those people and especially my filthy Iowan brother, up in the homeland, for keeping an interest during the hiatus and reminding me with frequent randomness that I’m a turd for pulling out in the middle of a climax (dirty). So “The Backwoods” is coming back to finish the story it started, oh so, long ago. And will continue into a brand new chapter with an even stronger brew of the high mountain strangeness. It will be more of everything that made you wonderful people care; monsters, aliens, domestic disputes, historical figures back from the past,… the dog! The original site is currently being revitalized by my awesomely “beautiful yet deadly” wife and will offer the readers not only more content, but more ways to be involved with the project itself. So keep tuning in here for more updates or follow me on the twitter (@taddgalusha), as things get closer I’ll be tweetin’  and updating like a crazy person. Thanks again to all those folks who kept this alive! Mark your calendars, set your alarms, tattoo your face, cause on Halloween it’s gonna’ get real weird again. And if you just gotta’ get caught up on what I’m talking about, the entire collection of previously published pages is right here. Just scroll on up to the top menu bar and select “The Backwoods” to satiate that burning desire to experience what some have called:”I like the dog!” More is coming… prepare.

Gnar the were-pig