Spring Time

Spring is here and I’ve just come back from the misty mountains of Cascadia feeling refreshed, renewed, and a little bloated. Things are coming to a wrap while new project crown from the creative cervix. Gross, right? Any who, still prepping for a major site update, so get ready… because it’s coming… eventually. In the previous post, hints were dropped about Vikings and hedgehogs, so here is a preview.

Berserker vs Hedgehogs.pencils  Berserker vs Hedgehogs.inks

It’s on the board (digitally) and getting colored, but there are a few illustrations ahead of it. Updates should be finalized over the next month or so. It’s going to be crazy… not really, but it’s time for an overhaul.

Here is a preview of future projects in the current works (yeah, yeah, its just pencils):




Dinosaurs, red neck astronauts, monsters, old smelly dogs… more crap on the way you impatient bastards.


Gnar Pig