This is a quick project update following SDCC. Which if you happened to be there or you’re just a savvy comics reader who keeps up with endless news feed, you may have caught IDW’s  announcement of TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 dropping  November first of this year. The weekly series is being written by Eric Burnham and Tom Waltz. Dan Schoening is taking lead on art while a team of artists (including myself) handle various aspects of the story that have teamed individual members of the “Turtle” boys with members of the “Busters.” A bunch of cool stuff that I’m not going to tell you about, happens and lets just say that if you’re a fan of either it’s well worth your time. I’ll post more about as the weeks go…. but no damn spoilers. You’re just gonna have to read it.

Leo concept sketch

Anyway, I’m illustrating a…. part…. within the series that teams Leo (The best, because he’s the leader, swords, and blue!) and everybody’s favorite blue-collar working man off the street, Winston Zeddemore. That is all I will say about it for now, sorry kiddos.

Like all kids of the early 90’s I was a big fan of the franchises, especially since I was at the pinnacle age in my youth to appreciate both at their zenith. My assignment to this project feels particularly tailor made for various reasons and because the duo of Zeddemore and Leo were always both my favorites of their teams. Leo, obviously because he’s the best ( blue bandanna and katanas) and Winston, because he gave us all hope that one day we could apply for and land that job working as a paranormal exterminator. 

“Bad guy” concept sketch

It’s late and I have a lot more to draw before the night’s end.

Gnar the spooky pig!