In about a week I will be heading up to Seattle for the always exciting, Emerald City Comic Con. For the first time in the history of the planet, finished, physical, printed copies of my web-comic… (wait for it) … “The Backwoods” (volume 1) will be available for purchase at table H10. Stock is limited, so if you gotta have this book, you’re gonna have to be fast. It’s first come, first serve and copies are already selling. Obviously, if you are able get your greasy palms on a copy, a complimentary sketch will be provided and I’ll probably shake your hand and talk to you about life and stuff, so bring your mind and your hand sanitizer.

Now you could be sitting there, reading this, and saying to yourself in a hysterical internal voice, “But Tadd, I can’t go to Seattle and I really want one!” Well you are in luck, my friend. Volume One of “The Backwoods” is also available for purchase on Amazon! 61 pages of dogs, bigfoot, aliens, werewolves, and chaotic adventure. Now before you go and drop your hard-earned money on this affordably priced volume ($15.00 plus shipping) take a deep breath… gather your emotions… and don’t worry… I got you.

Now enjoy this little preview and when it’s over I’ll continue my explanative jaunt about further details of this comic experience.

Production of Volume 2 has already begun. The goal, while Wendi will remain the central character, is to really explore this new and turbulent chapter in the relationship of Ulysses and Lisa. Of course this will be happening all in the shadows of major events that will not only change the course of their relationship, but have everlasting effects on the town and area around them. Also, more creatures and more absurdity. It will take everything established in Volume One and expand upon it…deeper, harder (gross).

Oh and if you do purchase “The Backwoods” from Amazon, I would be so thankful if you wrote a customer review. Positive reviews are always best, but be honest. If there was something you didn’t like about the story I’ll definitely take your review into consideration and hopefully can make improvements for Volume 2.

Hey, remember Star Trucker #1 from earlier last year? There was a Kickstarter campaign for it and stuff. Well #2 is gearing up for printing! The writer, Mr. Jackson Rahl will be at my ECCC table, H10, with all the juicy details. Reports are still trickling in, but it’s sounding like the follow-up campaign will go live in June.

Hopefully, if you’re able to make it to Emerald City Comic Con this year, we’ll cross paths amongst the monstrous crowds. I’ll be in artist alley  in “H” block  (H10 to be exact) with books and a few cover prints. My stock will be limited (it was kind of a last-minute arrangement), but I’ll be doing sketches and if at the very least lets jib jab about… well… anything.

Gnar Pig