From King to Tyrant

My tenure on Bubba Ho-Tep has come to an end. It was great riding with writer Josh Jabcuga down a strange drug-infused highway. With the “King” casually motioning the wheel, zigzagging the tires of that print machine across that double yellow as we cannon-balled out into oblivion. Good times.

From the ashes of a king sometimes rises a tyrant… a tyrant king… as in “the” Tyrant King!” Tyrannosaurus Rex, dude! That’s right, I’m putting on the stink, the finishing touches’ (say it with flair, it feels real good) as the cool kids say, on my long awaited graphic novel, CRETACEOUS (vol. 1). Hold the phones amigo! I’m about to drop a Mesozoic beat…. March. 2019. In just a matter of months. On shelves. Maiming! Destroying! Loving (wink)! The dinosaur book you always needed, your parents always wanted, your grandparents always dreamed of… your kids and their future AI robots will one day talk about with mythic wonder. Like when you heard rumblings about Santa being bullshit! It can’t be true, but it MUST BE TRUE!

CRETACEOUS will be available to purchase thanks to the wonderful publishing house of Oni Press, this March. 140 pages of full color nature and with a supplemental field-guide in the back to boot. Stay in school kids.

Cretaceous-front cover_colors.jpg

More details and announcements are coming. Prepare yourself. I very fired up over this.

Gnar the Rex Pig!