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As the day draws closer to the North American release of Cretaceous Vol. 1 previews and interviews have started to amass. Lady Luck smiles upon the tyrant ones and friends as the reviews have been nothing, but amazing. Nothing , but positive vibes for Cretaceous. Not to be one who dwells on the validation from others, but I’d be lying through my teeth if damn it didn’t feel good. One of the best parts of any interview or showcase is the previews, which means I can show more pages here on the ol’ digital word dump.

AV Club was the first to throw down the gauntlet with their review and exclusive preview.

Later, one of my favorite pop-culture outlets SYFY Wire kept the momentum up with an interview, where I really got to discuss some of the production process with writer Jeff Spry. They also included their own exclusive preview of some the pages from the book.

Over at Trainwreck’d Society I sat down with Ron Trembath and we got into it during the holidays. Everything from Cap Wolf to the Blue Tiger podcast. It’s worth the time if you want to read of my humble beginnings to current … existence. Also Cretaceous was featured along with other things on the horizon.

And if you’re interested in Cretaceous, it’s still available for pre-order. Only a month and a half away before it stalks onto store shelves. Enough of the shameless self promotional masticating.

Gnar… pig.

Cretaceous: Covering the Process

One of the biggest challenges I find as a comic creator is in designing a cover layout. Days, months, years are spent looming over a desk, crafting a story. When it’s all said and done a singular image is what stands before a body of work exhibiting a portion of one’s life dedicated to a thing… and the universal flipping of the cerebral switch determining interest or disinterest. This can be the ultimate judge in the deeming of success in our cultural ether. To boil it down… that cover’s gotta’ pop…. Shake… and then bake (“Piss excellence!” -Ricky Bobby).

When coming up with a cover for Cretaceous it was a process to say the least. I wanted to encapsulate the overall tone and feel of the story and not just provide something that was flashy and eye-catching. And so began the purging of thought.

After several rejected ideas, finally a concept was approved. Originally the intent was for a wrap-around cover, but a singular image ended up getting the overall “thumbs up” of the editorial census.

Since the interiors were so art dominant I wanted the over to be a minimal and utilize warm colors. Don't ask me why I felt it needed to convey a degree of warmth, cause I have no idea. I was once talking with favorite cover artist of mine ( I'm not going to name drop, but lets just say he's a design beast!) and I asked him his "process" and "what preliminary research he does for design?" Straight up said in an unenthused and labored voice, "I just go with whatever idea pops in my head." So maybe he's a savant and just a natural talent that seems to show no limits.

I am not however, but for once just went with what popped off in my head.... And here we are. Now time to make the donuts; the production stages.



Final, colored, art…

Cretaceous arrives in store March 26, 2019. So we’re four months away from the epic day, but preorders are currently available. If you are unable to wait till then and want an advanced viewing, register over at Net Galley, but the catch is you have to leave a review (I’m trying to get that 5 stars, so be a pal).

Last, but not least, the website (this website) will have a storefront coming soon with books and art to be available. And my web-comic, “The Backwoods” will be returning as well as another web project that is currently in production. I’m finishing the entire thing before posting, so there are no delays and it remains consistent with panels posted daily on social media and pages posted weekly. It’s something… different.

Gnar the designed pig.

Big Ol' Turkeys

Today’s the day that as Americans we gather around dining tables and gorge upon delectables and rich savories from traditions famously fashioned in the oils of Rockwell and Leyendecker. As carving knives sharpen and mouths salivate in anticipation the mind wanders, it’s catalyst a great bird and former title challenger of national symbol. The Turkey whose ancient blood lines are from creatures of a much greater stature, some even kings within their own niches. It’s kind of sad to think that the most powerful of creatures to have ever walked the earth have been reduced to a celebratory meal on the third Thursday of Novembers. No wonder dinosaurs always eat people in the movies.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you’re sitting around with nothing to do, waiting on cooking timers and fashionably late family arrivals, well the ol’ Taddman has got your buns covered (Taddman was what I was called as kid, I’m just trying it out… it could work). Right now you can read an advanced viewing of my long time in the makings graphic novel, Cretaceous, over at Net Galley. The Oni Press book won’t be released in print until March 26, so if you can’t wait another 5 months, it’s there waiting for you. That is if you’ve got some time on your hands and you don’t mind writing a kind review (I really would appreciate a 5 star review).


Oh, that’s right! Cretaceous is wrapped and done, son! And I honestly can’t wait for everyone to see it. So if you’re a dinosaur kid or your kids and are… dinosaur kids check it out at over at Net Galley. Heck, if you’re going: “Tadd! I can handle the wait for that sweet stack of comic pages, but I’m ready to pull that trigger now!” Well because I love you and all that positive energy you’re putting into the universe toward Cretaceous pre-orders are available.


Right now I’m enjoying or trying to enjoy a bit of R&R and am thinking of all the things I’m grateful and thankful for (What’s happening? Why are we getting serious all of a sudden!?).

When I come back I’ve got a few red hot irons that are just about ready to be pulled out of the fire. I hope everyone enjoys some peace today and fill that body with friendly vibes and wonderful food stuffs.

Gnar the thankful turkey pig.

From King to Tyrant

My tenure on Bubba Ho-Tep has come to an end. It was great riding with writer Josh Jabcuga down a strange drug-infused highway. With the “King” casually motioning the wheel, zigzagging the tires of that print machine across that double yellow as we cannon-balled out into oblivion. Good times.

From the ashes of a king sometimes rises a tyrant… a tyrant king… as in “the” Tyrant King!” Tyrannosaurus Rex, dude! That’s right, I’m putting on the stink, the finishing touches’ (say it with flair, it feels real good) as the cool kids say, on my long awaited graphic novel, CRETACEOUS (vol. 1). Hold the phones amigo! I’m about to drop a Mesozoic beat…. March. 2019. In just a matter of months. On shelves. Maiming! Destroying! Loving (wink)! The dinosaur book you always needed, your parents always wanted, your grandparents always dreamed of… your kids and their future AI robots will one day talk about with mythic wonder. Like when you heard rumblings about Santa being bullshit! It can’t be true, but it MUST BE TRUE!

CRETACEOUS will be available to purchase thanks to the wonderful publishing house of Oni Press, this March. 140 pages of full color nature and with a supplemental field-guide in the back to boot. Stay in school kids.

Cretaceous-front cover_colors.jpg

More details and announcements are coming. Prepare yourself. I very fired up over this.

Gnar the Rex Pig!

Bubba HoTep #3 Today!

Today! This very day. At this very moment, all across North America. Box-cutter blades gleam from overhead lights as shop owners cut open large boxes from beautiful San Diego, “which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.” They pull from the cardboard cadavers shiny stacks of books of unspeakable content, unholy hell spawns. Placed upon shelves to take their first breaths before corrupting the Wednesday walkers in their unquenchable hunger for fresh stories. Issue 3 of Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Bloodsuckers has finally been released into the wild for all your reading pleasures. Published by IDW, presented by Joe Lansdale, written by Josh Jabcuga, with colors by Ryan Hill and… I guess that leaves me on interior line-art and a cover.

Cover process:


Gnar the bloodsucking pig!