With the release of Cretaceous, the next big question is: “what’s next?”

A simple and obvious question. A question that can make a person stand out on a sub-arctic shelf staring up into the constellations with the wondering eyes of ancients searching for answers.

While waiting for that passage of time to close on the pending cultural judgement of Cretaceous I’ve found myself in position to work on several projects. Projects that allow an artist to pursue the continual quest to grow and learn and refine one’s skills in storytelling all while awaiting the approach of what’s next in the future of Cretaceous.

Super Puncher.jpg

Teaming with Western Horseman Magazine and rodeo personality, Dale Brisby, we’re collaborating on a new monthly comic-strip, “Super Puncher.” Based on the comedic skits of Brisby, “Super Puncher” is a G rated gag strip about his dealings in being “the world’s greatest cowboy.” So saddle up, ol’ son, and subscribe to Western Horseman if you want some rip roaring cowboy fun for the whole fam!


Over at Critical Entertainment, I’ve continued work with writer Chris Reda on the production of Chapter 2 of “The First Americans.” The second issue in the the paleo-American adventure graphic novel. The story continues right where the first chapter left off, with Clovis and his pursuit of the migrating mammoth troupe. While Clovis ventures into a new world his people are, unbeknownst to him, tracking him. Led by a powerful young woman who shares in the same nomadic urge to explore the unknown.


While working on two massively diverse stories (both in art and writing) , I’ve found that I needed an intermediary project to put me in the right head-space creatively. With the constant change of hats there was a need for something completely metaphysical. Something where I could take an existential stab into the construct of human existence. This new project, Taiga, will be released digitally and then print, upon completion. It currently has passed the halfway point of production is looking at an estimated end point of early summer.

Dipping them toes into different pools. Thrusting of irons into ever burning coals…. And so on, and so forth. The head pounds with the maddening echos of stories, of work, that’s gotta get out, of tales that need telling. That need to escape and manifest their existence.

Gnar the escape pig.

Into the Wild


Cretaceous, the project that has spanned the better part of 8 years in production, the project that has been teased and previewed for much too long, has finally been released into the retail wild of North America and limited parts of the world. It would of only been an after hours abstract without the guidance and attention of the few individuals who had faith in its potential. And of course it would of never even made it to script without the steadfast voice of confidence from Mrs. Galusha, the undying force of my inspiration to whom the project is dedicated to.

Now comes the practice of patience as the market place of our cultural zeitgeist casts it’s ever binding judgement as to whether the project shall carry on in continuation or be a single serving story from the forests of my youthful fixations. Time will tell ( 6 months or so to put it modestly).


Available now in any of your usual literary marketplaces. If you’re feeling real generous head on over to Amazon and leave a review. I’ve been recently made aware of the importance for those reviews and 50 seems to be the golden standard for ensuring those analytics kick into hyper drive. So even if you’ve already purchased the book and want to help secure the possibility of an ever expanding future (meaning more volumes) shoot on over and give it a few words and a rating. Thank you again to everyone who’s supporting the book and hopefully this is only the beginning.

Idle hands are the devils workshop as they say, so back to the drawing table.

Gnar the Rex pig.

Fresh Press

As the day draws closer to the North American release of Cretaceous Vol. 1 previews and interviews have started to amass. Lady Luck smiles upon the tyrant ones and friends as the reviews have been nothing, but amazing. Nothing , but positive vibes for Cretaceous. Not to be one who dwells on the validation from others, but I’d be lying through my teeth if damn it didn’t feel good. One of the best parts of any interview or showcase is the previews, which means I can show more pages here on the ol’ digital word dump.

AV Club was the first to throw down the gauntlet with their review and exclusive preview.

Later, one of my favorite pop-culture outlets SYFY Wire kept the momentum up with an interview, where I really got to discuss some of the production process with writer Jeff Spry. They also included their own exclusive preview of some the pages from the book.

Over at Trainwreck’d Society I sat down with Ron Trembath and we got into it during the holidays. Everything from Cap Wolf to the Blue Tiger podcast. It’s worth the time if you want to read of my humble beginnings to current … existence. Also Cretaceous was featured along with other things on the horizon.

And if you’re interested in Cretaceous, it’s still available for pre-order. Only a month and a half away before it stalks onto store shelves. Enough of the shameless self promotional masticating.

Gnar… pig.

Cretaceous: Covering the Process

One of the biggest challenges I find as a comic creator is in designing a cover layout. Days, months, years are spent looming over a desk, crafting a story. When it’s all said and done a singular image is what stands before a body of work exhibiting a portion of one’s life dedicated to a thing… and the universal flipping of the cerebral switch determining interest or disinterest. This can be the ultimate judge in the deeming of success in our cultural ether. To boil it down… that cover’s gotta’ pop…. Shake… and then bake (“Piss excellence!” -Ricky Bobby).

When coming up with a cover for Cretaceous it was a process to say the least. I wanted to encapsulate the overall tone and feel of the story and not just provide something that was flashy and eye-catching. And so began the purging of thought.

After several rejected ideas, finally a concept was approved. Originally the intent was for a wrap-around cover, but a singular image ended up getting the overall “thumbs up” of the editorial census.

Since the interiors were so art dominant I wanted the over to be a minimal and utilize warm colors. Don't ask me why I felt it needed to convey a degree of warmth, cause I have no idea. I was once talking with favorite cover artist of mine ( I'm not going to name drop, but lets just say he's a design beast!) and I asked him his "process" and "what preliminary research he does for design?" Straight up said in an unenthused and labored voice, "I just go with whatever idea pops in my head." So maybe he's a savant and just a natural talent that seems to show no limits.

I am not however, but for once just went with what popped off in my head.... And here we are. Now time to make the donuts; the production stages.



Final, colored, art…

Cretaceous arrives in store March 26, 2019. So we’re four months away from the epic day, but preorders are currently available. If you are unable to wait till then and want an advanced viewing, register over at Net Galley, but the catch is you have to leave a review (I’m trying to get that 5 stars, so be a pal).

Last, but not least, the website (this website) will have a storefront coming soon with books and art to be available. And my web-comic, “The Backwoods” will be returning as well as another web project that is currently in production. I’m finishing the entire thing before posting, so there are no delays and it remains consistent with panels posted daily on social media and pages posted weekly. It’s something… different.

Gnar the designed pig.