Over the past weekend Anchorage held it’s annual Senshi Con. With it’s origins primarily rooted in anime, cosplay, and gaming it has grown into the largest, and one could say most prominent, pop-culture convention the 49th state has to offer. With people traveling throughout the state (and also Canada) to attend, it would be safe to assume it reached record numbers as it easily seemed to fill the edifice that is the Dena’ina Center.

I was lucky enough to find myself as a featured guest for the annual event. Like most cons you see a lot of interesting things and meet numerous wonderful people, and this event sported all of that as well as a touch of something else. Now, I don’t know if it was the location, or the attendees and exhibitors, or even the wonderful people who organized the event, but there was a particular sense of charm throughout the weekend that I can only relate to that feeling of a hometown visit. Like catching up with old friends that you haven’t seen since leaving home, even though (for me) it was the first time meeting most of the people I came across. 

Saturday’s panel, “A Mind’s Eye into Comics,” was even better than imagined thanks to the great turnout and fantastic group of artists/writers who joined me for the panel. With writer, David Harper, helming the ship we were really able to get into the thick of all things creative from working commercially to personal projects and goals.  Super artists and local legends Lucas Elliot and Lee Post (check out their their works if you know what’s good for you) provided  perspectives on obtaining and maintaining careers as illustrators in Alaska. Hopefully, it answered a lot of questions and provided some incite for future creators. 

So yeah! This past weekend was kinda great and it would be and understatement to say I was looking forward to next year.

Just before Senshi, I wrapped on TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 and am focusing back on some the long term projects that are gearing up for 2018. These projects as of now are unannounced, but one, the one, the one of my Mesozoic infatuation, is being published through Oni Press. Even though I can’t say the name… I can still show some of the art. 

 Things get rough and rowdy as animals clash…. that’s all I can say and will say for.

Another project that I’ve been picking at in secret is… well… different than anything else I’ve done before. At least that’s what I’m going for on this one. Really trying to take a different approach, a minimalist approach, which has always been a struggle as an artist. Sometimes less is more.  There is no publisher attached at the moment (I haven’t even pitched the thing yet), but I might even self publish it like “The Backwoods.” We’ll just have to see what comes down the road. Anyway, here is the first preview of a finished page and probably the only preview at least until it’s finished.The last thing that needs to be covered is Star Trucker #2 has reached the final 48 hour stretch for it’s Kickstarter, so if you’re on the fence or have been waiting, now is the time. If it’s going to reach it’s goal it’s going to need a powerful rally of support! 

This week I’m finally finishing off my ever waiting stack of commissions and constructing art for some budding projects in the pitch stages. Also there is Inktober going at the moment, which ever year I plan to do, but never seem to have time for. We’ll see, I guess. So much to do, so little time, and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which is going to suck. I hate the dentist… so damn much.

Gnar the toothy Pig