Right this very moment there is a Kickstarter campaign in association with “The projects of Earth” to fund the initial printing and potential future of Star Trucker #2.This blue-collar adventure comic is written by Seattle based writer and good pal of mine, Jackson Rahl , and me on art and design. Not only are we very proud to offer our creative en-devour up for the public, but one of the best parts of the campaign (from the mastermind of the project itself: Mr. Rahl) is the merch and add-ons. Shirt, hats, mugs, art, and even more books can be added to the order through the various funding tiers and options.

Go check out the campaign and hopefully fund and support the project. Everything there is to know about the story and project itself is there to explain the goals and scope. The inevitable future of Star Trucker is dependent on public interest, so if the masses want more we’re fully committed to provide. I’ve already seen Jackson’s story breakdowns for future issues of the first arch and it’s definitely something I’m hoping to get to sink my fingers into….

Okay, well, that sounded gross, “sink my fingers into.” I’m the artist, so I use my hands to create…. I mean illustrate…. This sounds very pretentious. Don’t insinuate some kind god-complex is fueling my words. I’m grasping to explain with a limited vocabulary here…. 

Star Trucker #2! Head on over to Kickstarter and check out the campaign! Maybe it’s an early Christmas present  to yourself, your kids, uncle, wife, dog, guy at work, whoever! Support the indie market! Get some street cred’!

Yeah, trucking through the Stars! For your health; mindfulness! Love! 

Gnar the sales Pig