Like the vintage “Hot Rod“, I strolled on into the recording studio of Super Geeky Play Date. Looked over my adversaries for the evening: Bryan, Adam, and Brady. Brushed back my hair, and with a handsome smile gouged the eyes and went to work on the body of their beloved geekdom. Just talked trash on their most cherished franchises, because, hey…. everyone loves… no… needs that ultimate heel to bring the heat! TO MAKE THE MATCH! Now I’ll admit, I did have to eat some crow and make amends to some previous opinions, but…. Well you’ll just have to listen to find out what I said.

Episode #54, my triumphant return. Like a Phoenix from the ashes.  Check. It. Out!  

It was a great time hanging with these guys and I owe them a huge thanks for having me aboard for episode 54. It’s always fun hanging out, talking about comics and film… ruffling the feathers of nostalgia. Dropped a bit of news about current projects TMNT/Ghostbusters 2, Star Trucker, and hinted at other works coming down the pike. We’ll also be reuniting, again, at 2017’s Rose City Comic Con for a special recording, so hold on to your butts. These guys really bring the Thunder, so reach out and support them. You can find Super Geeky Play Date through itunes, stitcher, and any of the podcast apps. Listen. Subscribe. Write reviews. Show’em some love you filthy animals.

I wasn’t going to post any art, but that would be weird, so since I mentioned TMNT/Ghostbusters 2 here is a preview of my cover for the series dropping in November.

Gnar the Rowdy pig.