Hey, remember last year when writer, Jackson Rahl and I with the help of Escaped From LA Films (now operating out of a volcano base in Hawaii) launch the campaign for Star Trucker #1? Well if you don’t, the launch was successful, but with all first issues it leaves the reader hanging, waiting for that follow-up numero 2. Well, readers don’t have to wait much longer. In a matter of days the machine will start back up and prep for the launch once again of “Star Trucker #2”.

One of the options available will be an exclusive double sized issue with issues #1 and #2, and supplementary art and concepts. The exclusive will also have a custom “Japanese” wrap around cover.


The original design  was modeled from classic science fiction illustrations from the 70’s and early 80’s.


As it came closer to the final stages of conception, it was proposed that doing a foreign translation of the title would give it that “fresh” feel for domestic/local distribution. Imports tend to carry a bit of sentiment  and importance due to their regional scarcity and that was the overall sentiment wanted to be accomplished with the printing.

Star Trucker #2 is nearing completion and is just awaiting printing and distribution financing. So if you’re at all interested in supporting the project and reserving yourself a copy keep checking in over the coming weeks, more like days now, to find out how. (To be continued)

Gnar the long-haul Pig