Well, well, well…. Here we are again, the bliss of summer. Solar rays kiss the skin with a rejuvenating bombardment of  vitamin D. Warm days and chill nights bring the essence of repose. Or… (pause)… mega tons of knuckle grinding work, crankin’ out the comic books for that sweet literary delight (that’s right). The one man studio has shifted north. The wife and I relocated to the last frontier, the great white north, the land of endless light and darkness. Behold the majesty of Alaska. A place to reconnect with the primal roots of prehistory and focus on completing projects that have gnawed at the sole. Why are the nights sleepless? Because there is just too many ideas that need explored, and concepts to be created. Winter will be fruitful with the illustrations of summer.

I’ve resumed working with IDW on TMNT, which is always one of those opportunities that if you would have told the young naive Tadd of the early 90’s would have been met with skepticism and doubtful eyes. 

The Cover for TMNT #83 will be available in your local comic shops this coming November.

Still plugging away at the not-so-secret Oni Press dinosaur project. Ink work is nearing completion. 

More summer time projects to masticate in the coming days. Delicious, delicious, art and stories. 

(P.S. Website overhaul coming next week, cause I have to now.)

Gnar the arctic Pig!