2016…. We reached the final moments of a year that many have deemed turbulent to say the least. That maybe, but even in the darkest of night, the densest of shadows, wonderments can always be found. I myself had ups and downs that, looking back, are part of what we can chalk up as being part of the human condition. So for this post I’ll be exhibiting projects that I haven’t posted about or who’s futures are yet to be undetermined…. To be governed by the misers of time and fate in the coming days.

I’ve recently been working with the guys over at CCS, designing skateboards and graphics, really a dream job for the middle school years of my life.


My first board design was based off a past illustration and is now avaliable online for a really great price (go buy it). If the gods are in my favor there will be more of these to come.

Fashion, had my first soiree’ with that industry this year. The wonderful editorial staff over at Western Horseman Magazine set me up for some companion fashion sketches for the Spring catalogue of Western Lifestyle Retailer. It was a pretty awesome experience.strip-sm thumb-1sm thumb-2-sm thumb-3-sm thumb-4-sm


Due to the status of these next projects no explanation or description will be given. Enjoy the art dump folks. 
feral-concept_02 wolf-girl-feral-concept-01artconcept-1slow1-inks_07firstamerican1-colors_05firstamerican1-colors_06firstamerican1-colors_07

There it is. Some stuff from this past year to look forward to in the next. A bunch more to talk about, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Gnar Pig