Tomorrow. From an 89′ class C Coachman precariously parked at sea’s edge in the humble town of Homer, Alaska to now comic shops all across North America, issue #2 of IDW’s Gozilla: Rage Across Time hits the shelves! Written by Chris Mowry, colored by Jay Fotos, and the art is done by me (pointing at self). If this dropping of names and exotic locations hasn’t already swayed you into aquiring this book  maybe another advance preview will?

godzilla-rat2-inks_05godzilla-rat2-inks_14godzilla-rat2-inks_15godzilla-rat2-inks_16godzilla-rat2-inks_07By the Gods! Pick it up at your local comic shop and find out who will prevail, the atomic Hell beast that is Godzilla or the arrogant titans that rule from atop Mt. Olympus! Now go forth, into the world and follow your heart….

Gnar Pig