The one true love of my work life is, and has been, and hopefully always will be my dinosaur project with Oni Press. There I said it. Progress stalled out through the month of August with work and those basic obstacles we have the luxury of experiencing every once in a while (aka. life), but the coal burns hot in the furnace and the boat chugs deeper up the river. So… project update time. Sloppy pencils here ya’ go, ya’ animals.

cret-pencils_76 cret-pencils_77 cret-pencils_78 cret-pencils_79 cret-pencils_80-81

You can probably contemplate what’s gonna happen next in the story… and you’re right. A big ol’ beach fight. It’s like that scene in Point Break, but without Swayze or Keanu… or Anthony Kiedis ( yeah, that was him). Also no Gary Busey watching from a far with binoculars. Man, I need to watch that movie again, so good.

Gnar (the prickly) Pig