Oh, man. It’s been a crazy summer. I closed my eyes for two seconds and it’s already fall. Not that I’m complaining, soon old man winter will roll into town and start puking his snowy guts all over the Cascades. Snowboard season ya’ fools. If you’re in the Portland area and want to do some night riding up on Hood, DM me. The lone rider game gets old after a while. Even if you suck I’ll drop into the lower gears and cruise some green with ya for a bit.

ANYWAYS. To the comics. Did a couple of conventions this summer. Two weeks ago I was out at the Boise, Idaho Public Library Convention and this past week I was slinging at Rose City Comic Con here in Portland.  If you say me at either one you may know that we just wrapped up issue numero dos of Godzilla: Rage Across Time a couple of weeks ago. It was written by Chris Mowry, colors were provided by Jay Fotos, and art was by me. If you’ve seen any of the covers floating around you know its pretty much Godzilla taking on the Greek Gods. It was a pretty awesome gig and hopefully there will be more of this in the future. I guess I should give you a preview.

godzilla-rat2-inks_02 godzilla-rat2-inks_03 godzilla-rat2-inks_06 godzilla-rat2-inks_11 godzilla-rat2-inks_20

Such a great experience. This was one of those gigs that if you would have walked into Mrs. Clark’s first grade class way back in 91′ and said “Excuse me, tiny Galusha person? 25 years from now you will draw a comic book and it will be for Godzilla.” I probably would have thought you were insane. Everyone would have, cause it’s weird. But here we are. The issue should drop in the next couple weeks, so hopefully all the G fans and comic readers enjoy it.

Oh yeah, remember “Star Trucker”#1? You might and hopefully so if you backed it on Kickstater. Well, it’s finished and at the printers being… well… printed I guess. But yeah, isn’t that great. I should probably post something after such bombastic claims.startrucker1_08 StarTrucker.letters_15 StarTrucker.letters_16 StarTrucker.letters_17

The action, the romance, the sweat flavored perfume drenching every moment in masculinity. All the things that we love and adore about long-haul truck stops elegantly presented in a customized, just for you, sci-fi comic book. If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t worry! We’ll have your buns covered here in the coming months with for sale PDFs and probably physical printings too. More info to come.

Gawd dang, its been awhile since I posted anything. There is just so many things to blab about and show you guys, but it will have to wait. I’ve been told it’s poor “blogger” etiquette to just take a massive art dumb all over the place, so… you’ll just have to wait a couple of days for more stuff. And before I forget The Backwoods is rolling again with new pages every Monday, just posted #54 a couple of hours ago. Lisa finally showed up and shits’ about to get all domestic and stuff. But the Patreon is almost done along with a “Red Bubble” store for Backwood’s shirt designs. Chapter/Season 2 is gonna get so crazy.backwoods-pencils_54 backwoods-inks_54

More things are coming, “spare no expense.”

Gnar, the color blinded, pig!