Hey, it’s father’s day today. So if you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship, memories, or whatever go out and celebrate the old man and all that he bestowed upon you.

My dad was the best. Even though his general hardness and truthfulness (completely crushing the artistic works of my youth by exposing their general lacking and basic structural inaccuracies of composition, purportion, perspective, and lighting/shadow) was difficult to comprehend,  but it completely prepared me in becoming the artist that I am today. Rhino skin, a comic artist’s greatest armor. Ok, that’s enough emoting for one day if you’re reading this blog, it’s for the art previews not the personal reflections of 31 year old guy talking about his old man.

To the goods!

Due to the fact that I have bills, so therefore have to make money to pay those damn bills, I haven’t been able to necesarily pour my labors into my love (that sounded way more gross in my head) that is my Oni Press project, but progress has steadily trudged forward even though it’s not at the mass speed I’d prefer. And for those of you who are like: “What!? You’re doing an Oni book too?” Yes. Yes, I am. I’m doing a dinosaur graphic novel and if you’re into dinosaurs…. “it’s right up your alley.”cretaceous.inks_69 cretaceous.inks_70 cretaceous.inks_71 cretaceous.inks_72 cretaceous.inks_73 cretaceous.inks_74

As you can see from these pages there is the potential for a drag down, all out, crazy, tyrannosaur throwdown to occur in this book. But I’m not the type of guy to give out spoilers, so…. keep yo peepers in line.

There you go. Some father’s day dinosaur action. It’s been emotional.

Papa Galusha checking out them Rex teeth.

Papa Galusha checking out them Rex teeth.

Gnar Pig.